Thousands of audiences around the world have attended the meetings, seminars and conferences featuring the ministry of Dr. Andrew J. Willis. Pastor Willis began his first church in 1984 at the age of 17 on Chicago's Southside. 4 1/2 years of pastoral ministry in this mission in Chicago became his ministerial training. Upon leaving the young church in the hands of a new pastor, Willis set out on the journey that would lead him from his birthplace in Chicago to travel the World and across America as an evangelist.

Dr. Willis brings rare electricity to the worship experience with the thrilling sounds of his silver cornet. The soulful rendition of traditional songs and hymns exposes his Chicago- gospel roots. "Having church" is what his music is all about. The centerpiece of this ministry is, without a doubt, the revelatory Gospel preaching, punctuated by the lively delivery style that emanates from Willis' Pentecostal background. Dr. Willis receives hundreds of invitations annually to speak to churches, conventions and various organizations.

In 1998, Pastor Willis planted The River of Life Church in Northwest Houston, Texas, USA. The River has become a thriving congregation exposing people from all walks of life to the Presence of God through Ministry of the Word and Worship. Pastor Willis also speaks to Christian leaders in Europe and North America through his V.I.P. Leadership Coaching. The Demand of the Desert, his first book, has also been distributed worldwide.Worship and the Word are the key elements in taking the vibrant ministry of Dr. Andrew J. Willis to campmeetings, conferences, crusades and extended revival meetings around the world. It is here, in these various venues, he is known simply as---"The Evangelist”.


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