Devin Oneal was delivered from a life of drug addiction 15 years ago! Pastor Devin and his wife Georgia started Revelation House for women in 2004 where they took up to 12 women into their home for 13 years! During this time they saw many miracles , deliverance and woman equipped to minister the Gospel in power! In 2005 they started the a 501c3 non-profit named Voices of Mercy Outreach Ministries, Inc.! In 2013 Revelation House for Men was started where they housed and discipled up to 12 men!  One of the many ministries of VOM is Sidewalk Saturday School which is focused on those who are at risk for drug addiction and violent crime! The Synergy Network of Churches has also been a long time priority of VOM. God told them in the beginning that to be effective  in the inner-city you will have to unify the churches and to unify the churches will be harder than going into the inner-city! This year God told them the time was NOW! Run towards what God had put in their heart and watch Him work! This is why they are bringing the church together to contend for sustainable Revival beginning with the “One Blood” Revival! They FULLY believe the greatest harvest of souls the Earth has ever seen is about to hit the planet!


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