A native of Baton Rouge Louisiana, born Carvis Webb, “Donk” is a highly sought after minister that is known for his miraculous testimony of how God saved him from death and being paralyzed at the age of 11, a life sentence in prison for murder at the age of 15, countless brushes with death, and transformed his entire life to be an example of the power of prayer! His love for GOD and people transcends generations, he can reach those that are battling the strong hold of street life, and today’s youth that are fighting daily temptations, and searching for peace within! He is now the Youth Pastor at a growing church in Atlanta, GA, and the Founder/CEO of Real Life World Wide, which is a non-profit organization that aims to rebuild lives with shattered dreams from unfortunate circumstances, throughout communities all over the world. Donk’s ministry is reaching international territories as far as London and Africa with his “Wake up and Pray”, prayer line that he host every Saturday at 10am, where hundreds of lives are being changed and experiencing the Real Life movement. Currently residing in Atlanta, GA with his supportive wife Tia and the proud father of 4 children. Donk knows that his real life struggles, created a real life ministry and his mission is to show the world that with GOD, there is power, there is hope, and there is peace, and that is the only way to live your REAL LIFE.


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